Updated 5/1/2018

Monthly Managed Website Maintenance & Security

Service fee: $65.00 per month*

Service: each month CollaborativePracticeMedia.com (CPM) will perform the following for customers who do host their website through CPM?s Host Account* to ensure your website?s performance & security:

  1. Review and perform critical updates to the WordPress core, CPM installed plugins, CPM installed frameworks, and CPM software.
  2. Monitor for threats specific to WordPress and your website in order to take proactive and reactive measures when required to ensure performance & security
  3. Unlimited troubleshooting of performance and security issues associated with the items specifically listed in (1.) above.
  4. No cost, professional-level hosting through our Host Account with WP Engine

Not covered by this service:

  • Hosting fees for customers who do not host through our host account.*
  • Software not installed or setup by CPM. We cannot guarantee this software works or is safe. Any troubleshooting or updating work performed by CPM on the software will incur a fee at our hourly rate current to the time of the required service. Any damage caused by this software either to the website or to our software will incur a fee.
  • Third-party services. We will attempt to coordinate solutions between third-party vendors, but we cannot guarantee their compliance. Efforts by CPM may or may not be performed and may or may not incur a fee and is solely at our discretion.
  • Content updates. Content updates will incur fees at our going hourly rate. Reduced rates are available with ongoing monthly commitments.

*If you do not host your website through our host account we?can provide you with a fair quote on expected service hours to help you manage your website.


Brockstern, Inc. operates and owns CollaborativePracticeMedia.com.

These service terms are between Brockstern, Inc. and the customer. The terms?are in effect for the duration of each month in which the customer provides payment by the due date and it is received by Brockstern, Inc. The?terms?terminate as of 11:59pm on the last day of each month. The terms?renews each month. Service is provided until terminated by either Brockstern, Inc. or the customer or failure to provide payment by due date. Brockstern, Inc. will provide the customer reasonable notice via email if services will no longer be provided and allow the customer 30 days from notice deliver to address items associated with the transition.

Customers should expect to be invoiced via email at the beginning of each month. Invoices will be delivered and processed through through our account with Freshbooks.com. Payment is due 15 days?upon delivery?of invoice. Payment can be via credit card or check. Follow instructions on the invoice.

We withhold the right to change the terms?without notice; however, you may consider your invoice as notice to review these terms and note any changes in fees and services. It is the responsibility of the customer to review these terms and make a copy as needed. We will honor the terms presented to the customer when they?submit payment for the current month’s dues. After which, any changes to the terms will apply and be honored for each month’s renewal payment specific to the terms at the time the payment was submitted and the customer can provide proof of terms.

Please bookmark and print this page for your records.

Remember, the terms are subject to change without notice. Please review and print terms with each payment. A dated notice will be provided at the top of this page noting when terms were last updated.